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Our Story

“If I could go back to the 13-year-old me, who at the time was facing teen homelessness, an incarcerated parent, and the heartbreak of seeing another parent destroy their lives on drug addiction. The 13-year-old teen girl who others called anti-social or a bit awkward, when in reality, she was only trying to shield and protect herself from more external stressors, I would probably tell her to pick her head up, to keep going and that everything that looks unfair at the moment in her life, is going to be every reason that she thrives someday. The story of IThrive Network is simple. We were once many of the teen girls we currently desire to empower. Our stories are similar to theirs, and we want to be the life support system and community that helps teen girls around the world thrive against all odds.”


Nicole Baldwin, IThrive Network Founder/Chair

Our Mission

We exist to create a life support system that empowers teen girls through community, resources, and tools that promote positive wellbeing and wellness so that teen girls can become their best selves and thrive in life.

Our Purpose

We exist to create a life support system that empowers teen girls through community, resources, and tools that promote positive well-being and wellness so that they can become their best selves and thrive in life.

Teen Girls and Mental Health

The AAP, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) and Children’s Hospital Association have declared a national emergency in children’s mental health.

Why our girls need us:

Our Values

We create a community of teen girls empowering each other to thrive. Our thrive community promotes comradery and friendships that foster our values and mission.

We are more vulnerable when we hold ourselves accountable. We hold ourselves accountable for being our sister’s keeper and creating and building a thrive community that promotes growth, healing, and wellbeing.
We do not allow life challenges, people, or things to disturb our inner peace. We only accept what we have the power to change.
We cannot change our past. We can only move forward with our future. Therefore, we live and act in the present, letting go of the things of the past.

We are resilient. We allow life lessons to elevate us. We are constantly growing and evolving, aiming to become our best selves.

We let go of our past pain, traumas, and mistakes. We forgive those of our past and we forgive ourselves. We believe in healing through our own therapy’s, workshops, religious groups, community support, and more.

We are advocates for mental health and wellbeing. We represent the brave, strong, and fearless—We are building the next generation of brave, strong, and fearless women. 


IThrive Network is a community of brave, strong, and fearless teen girls who are the worlds next change agents, thought leaders, and visionaries. We unite teen girls all around the world to connect and build a sister hood of teen girls empowering each other to thrive.  We create a safe space for teen girls to master resiliency and safely come together to heal, grow, and thrive, individually, and in unity. We believe a community that survives together, thrives together. We get our glory by witnessing our community thrive!

How We Thrive?


Thrvspace (BETA) is a digital wellbeing community created by IThrive Network for teen girls. Thrvspace provides teen girls with social networking, mental health resources, virtual and live mindfulness meetups, and other tools they need to Thrive.

Girl, Thrive! Scholarship Fund

We are a community of the world's next women change agents, visionaries and leaders. We invest in our community by offering scholarships that help teen girls dreams become reality and that position them for lifetime success.

Thrive Summit

Thrive Summit is a curated wellness and wellbeing 5-day summer event for teen girls. For five days, a curated community of Thrivers will come together to enjoy wellness and wellbeing through interactive mindfulness workshops such meditation, yoga, workout, and cooking sessions, Thrive talks by some of the world's most influential teen girls and women, mental health support, live performances, delicious foods and many more activities that help teen girls thrive.

Thrivit Marketplace

Thrivit Marketplace is a curated online retail platform with brands created and founded by teen girls. Shop clothing, shoes, and beauty products that give a portion of all sales to the IThrive Network Girl Thrive Scholarship fund.

Your Support

Your support helps keep us going and keep us thriving.


Thriverly is a huge funding asset of IThrive Network. Thriverly is a curated mental health telemedicine and tele-health platform for teen girls and women powered by mental health professionals. Thriverly is the only mental health platform specializing in result-driven mental health support for teen girls and women. Most health insurance plans accepted.

Our Team



Sabby Persad

Co-Chair/CTO, Marketing Officer


Chief Technology Officer


Community Outreach Coordinator