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Programs & Services

We offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of those affected by our cause.

IThrive Hour (Networking and empowerment)

We will begin launching IThrive Hour at yoga and relaxation studios where women can come together and share their stories in a trusted environment. As IThrive grows, this hour-long networking event will occur in nationwide locations where chapters are present. IThrive Hour allows women to gain support and encouragement from other women. This will be an excellent opportunity to connect with those in similar situations and to share successes handling these situations.

IThrive Battle Sister

Our Battle Sister program is a 24/7 phone call and support system designed to encourage members in times of need. The Battle Sister program will be an intimate support system for each member, as every woman will be matched with a Battle Sister according to their needs. The partnership is meant to be a long-lasting relationship that benefits both sisters with trust and communication.

IThrive Life Coach

Our IThrive Life Coach program is a one-of-a-kind program that pairs thriving women with surviving women. Each life coach acts as a mentor and accountability partner to ensure the survivor has opportunities to become a thriver. Life Coaches will help set goals, encourage event participation, establish networking opportunities, and connect their partner with resources tailored to their needs.

Wellness Retreats

Our 4-week Wellness retreats are designed to de-stress and empowers both military women and PTSD sufferers. Our stress retreats are held at private getaways with motivational speakers, workshops, resources, and pampering experiences. The stress retreat is designed to replace toxicity with positivity. Stress Retreats are an intimate outlet where women can bury their burdens and develop techniques to live a more fulfilling life.

IThrive Workshops

Successful women who have triumphed over many challenges and obstacles will host IThrive Workshops. Every workshop is designed to teach attendees specific lessons related to personal growth and learning to thrive. Every woman who attends will also receive tools and resources to help make the best of their daily lives.

IThrive Global

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IThrive Accelerator

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