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Mission & History

Our Mission

To build a community of brave, strong and fearless women thriving with trauma related difficulties, mental challenges and hardships. IThrive is on a mission to break down mental health stigmas, advocate for women traumatized by war and empower women with tools, resources and networks needed to thrive in life and live victoriously.

IThrive Network empowers women who have faced a variety of trauma in their lives to take back control. We are committed to changing and reshaping the quality of broken lives through relationships, friendships, and mentorship. We provide therapeutic and holistic approaches that teach women to soar through life's hardships and challenges. Our mission is rooted in healing discomforts through accountability and positivity. Currently, we’re focused on wrapping loving arms around women traumatized by war.


Our Values

  • Friendship

At IThrive we believe in fostering relationships that encompass trust, compassion, and sisterhood.  As a member of IThrive, you can count on developing lifelong friendships and community support.

  • Community

We are creating a community of brave, strong, and fearless women. A community of women who are not willing to be reduced by the challenges, difficulties, or traumas they experienced in life. Our community provides resources, tools and peer support that promotes wellbeing, healing, growth, and resilience. Our communities connect women with other women to empower each other and thrive elegantly.

  • Empowerment 

We are a community of women empowering each other. We have a dynamic proprietary system designed to uplift and empower every woman to thrive.

  • Resilience

We know first hand, that life sometimes happens to us. Sometimes, we do not have control over the things and events that happen to us, but we can refuse to be reduced by them. From our founder to our community of brave, strong, and fearless women, we all have overcome many challenges, obstacles, and adversity in life. We know that we are stronger together. We are committed to creating a sisterhood of women supporting and building resilience in unity.

Our Goals

Our Contributors

  • Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute
    Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute