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About the Network

United States Army Veteran Nicole Baldwin founded the IThrive network in 2016 in honor of her friend, the late Theresa Flannery, who like Nicole was an indirect casualty of war. Nicole later realized that war and trauma was not just a military trauma, but a trauma endured by many women globally who benefit from a network life support system that helped them could thrive through trauma and mental difficulties in life. IThrive network is a division of the Biao Love Mission, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Houston, TX. Our members consist of women around the world thriving with mental challenges, such as PTSD, depression and mental distress caused by trauma.

IThrive Network is like a life support system that reinvigorates and rehabilitates the life’s of those that may currently feel or once felt helpless. IThrive provides life coaching services, a Battle Sister program, wellness retreats, community networking events, empowerment seminars and a global support system that are focused on empowering and inspiring other women to thrive despite their reservations. IThrive provides both professional and personal development workshops and seminars to members, as well as social and professional networking opportunities that promote career development, advancement and entrepreneurship through an exclusive network of member mixers and meetups.

Membership is currently only open to both military women with PTSD and trauma survivors within the state of Texas who are interested in learning to be the best they can be. After program beta testing, membership will be extended to any woman across the country by summer 2019.

What We Do

We empower, we strengthen, we unite, and we thrive together!

IThrive Network creates a human life support system of sisterhood through mentorship, life coaching, and accountability.

We understand that sometimes life can get the best of us. We understand that sometimes life just isn’t fair. We also understand that sometimes the many challenges that we face in life are not designed to hold us back but to help us soar into greater beings to support greater causes in life, often through pain, hardships, and setbacks from trauma, we are unable to see the beauty in our pain forcing us to just merely survive.

When people think of war, they often think of a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state, but war can also be defined as, “a sustained effort to deal with or end a particular unpleasant or undesirable situation or condition.” We recognize that while the American woman has faced trauma from war on the battlefield, both domestically and globally, women continue to be displaced and traumatized because of war. We define war in many ways, such as in mental challenges, sexual and domestic violence, brutality and displacement. We believe that while trauma may affect us, we do not have to be reduced by it. That is why creates an atmosphere for women to not only survive in, but also thrive in.

How We Thrive

Every member of IThrive is assigned a life coach and Battle Sister. The life coach assists their member with accountability, goal setting, and staying on target with goals. The Battle Sister is more like a best friend who can be called to discuss everything from personal experiences to upcoming events. Membership into IThrive Network is exclusive and comes with a vetting and recommendation process. However, our local events and meetups are often open to non-members.

Each month, different IThrive members will host private networking events for members and vetted nonmembers at exclusive locations. The goal of these events is to meet, socialize, network, and connect with tools and coping skills unique to dealing with mental challenges. Beginning in June 2019, the IThrive Network will take 4-week wellness retreats to unwind, build confidence, meet other women with similar stories, and learn to manage stress. IThrive will also host semi-annual Women Empowerment Seminars that deliver inspiring messages from other women who have learned to thrive with their condition.

Members will regularly participate in community projects that ignite volunteerism to connect with the city and help other women globally facing some of the same challenges and adversities that they once face, but now have overcome.

Through these and other events, we will thrive, advocate and help break stigmas associated mental health and trauma survivors. Involvement, growth, and mentorship will allow us to show the world we are victors of inner difficulties, thriving in the face of adversity.

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